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We deliver products that enhance quality living and provide health benefits to all individuals no matter their journey.

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Our Mission

As leaders in our market, we pride ourselves on the development and supply of high quality naturally derived products. Beneficial to everyday wellbeing, our products are created with your health in mind and at the forefront of why we do what we do.

Raydel provides innovative solutions for Australians on their health and wellness journey. We continue to promote the powers of nature in our high quality products to support and sustain revitalisation.

Built on trust, Raydel endeavours to grow together with our healthcare partners and continue to identify and pursue our social and environmental responsibilities.

Cholesterol levels tend to spike in January?

According to a three-year study held by the University of Copenhagen, cholesterol levels tend to be 20% higher in January than in June.

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Have you heard of the TLC Diet?

It was even ranked number 5 on US News’ Best Diets Overall list by health experts! Here are easy instructions to follow for a healthy heart and long-term weight loss.

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